5 Tips on What to Wear with Joggers and Sweatpants

What to Wear With Joggers, Sweatpants, and Jogger Sweatpants (in Public)

My obsession with joggers and sweatpants was a slow progression. I didn’t buy my first pair until college. Even then, I wasn’t the type of person to wear my joggers out in public. Ironically, it wasn’t until later as I began my first real adult job that the idea struck me. What if I could find a way to wear sweatpants and joggers every day, while still looking like a professional adult? My whole life, I was the guy who meticulously organized his wardrobe day by day. A typical look consisted of a slim pair of chinos, a polo shirt or button down and a pair of Cole Haan drivers. However, the older I became the more I began to look at fashion differently. In a way I felt like I wanted to rebel; to completely strip myself of the collegiate, clean-cut preppy style that I had crafted. Now to begin the process of finding out how to wear sweatpants without anyone ever really noticing. In all, the process was simpler than I thought. After going on a complete sweatpants and joggers shopping binge, I realized that my closet was full of options. It wasn’t about focusing on hiding the fact I was wearing joggers, it was about creating a complete look. For example, sweatpants typically look like pajamas on most people due to the fact that they’re paired with a random graphic t shirt and flip flops. By simply opting for a different top and footwear, the look is instantly elevated.

What’s the Difference Between Sweatpants and Joggers and ‘Jogger Sweatpants’?

How to Wear Joggers- What are Joggers- The Dapifer Sweatpants: Sweatpants are trousers originally created for athletic purposes. The first official sweats were introduced in 1920 by Le Coq Sportif. This first design was constructed of knitted gray jersey and are very much the same today. Joggers: Joggers are actually the bottoms from tracksuits. Typically these bottoms are made from polyester and other activewear materials. When worn without a matching track jacet, the sporty trousers are often called joggers. Over the past few years, designers have began calling any tapered trouser with elastic ankles, joggers. Because of this, joggers today can be made of any fabric. Jogger Sweatpants: So what exactly are jogger sweatpants? There’s no official criteria dubbing sweatpants as joggers or vice versa. In the world of streetwear, the term typically refers to a certain silhouette. While most traditional sweatpants are baggy, the jogger sweatpant has a tapered silhouette that falls just below the ankle. The slimmer, more modern fit continues to grow as both streetwear and the Ath-leisure trend continues to spread. Now that we’ve reviewed, let’s look at 5 ways to wear joggers and still look stylish and professional.

1. Wear Joggers with a T Shirt

What to Wear with Joggers Sweatpants Jogger Sweatpants - The Dapifer You can still wear joggers with a t shirt and look stylish and professional. The key is selecting the right tee. Stray away from old high school t shirts, graphic tees and anything that was given to you for free. Instead, opt for a simple, well-fitting colored t- shirt. Finish off the look with a pair of minimal trainers.

2. Wear Joggers with a Button Down Shirt

What to Wear with Joggers Sweatpants Jogger Sweatpants - The Dapifer Button downs can be worn with more than khaki’s and uncomfortable suits. Pair your favorite dress shirt with slim sweatpants or joggers for a modern, streetwear look. You can finish off this look with trainers or loafers. Just be sure that it all works well together.

3. Wear Joggers with a Knit

What to Wear with Joggers Sweatpants Jogger Sweatpants - The Dapifer If you’re a fan of comfort first, jogger sweatpants and knits are you new best friend. The secret here is to find knit tops that are well-fitting and minimal. Options can range from long sleeve knit-sweaters to turtlenecks and Rugby shirts. You can go two directions with footwear: sporty or more dressed up. A clean trainer, loafer, or driving shoe does the trick.

4. Wear Joggers with a Blazer

What to Wear with Joggers Sweatpants Jogger Sweatpants - The Dapifer Business up top and party down below, but no seriously. A slim-fit blazer is the perfect pairing to a nice pair of jogger sweatpants. To make this look work, focus on color palette and fit. Your joggers should be slim or skinny and so should your blazer. For color, the option is yours. Just stray away from too much pattern.

5. Wear Joggers with Layers

How to Wear Joggers Sweatpants Jogger Sweapants - The Dapifer If you want to make your sweatpants, joggers, and jogger sweatpants truly transitional, wear them with layers. This means, putting everything you learned in the above into one complete look. Best suited for Fall, Winter and the early days of Spring, here’s a way to be warm, cozy, and unbelievably comfortable. It’s basically like taking the idea of sweatpants, a t shirt, and hoodie and dressing it up for the office. Anything goes, here. You can opt for a sporty, streetwear vibe with prints like camo and athletic fabrics. On the other hand, you can go for a super polished look with a luxe knit and blazer. You can even pair your joggers with a blazer, button down shirt, and tie.

The Latest Mens Joggers and Pieces You can Wear With Them

Now that you know everything that there is to know about joggers, it’s time to step your jogger game up. To help you get started here are our latest editors picks of joggers and what to wear with them. What to Wear with Joggers-The Dapifer
  1. Top: MAISON MARGIELA, Two-Tone Washed Cotton-Poplin Shirt $550 (Mr Porter) Joggers: Camo, Cotton Twill Joggers  $29.99 (H&M)

2. Top: DENIM SHIRT  $34.99 (H&M) Joggers: Cargo Joggers $29.99 (H&M)

3. Top: Blazer Slim fit $69.99 (H&M)  Joggers: Men Dry Stretch Sweatpants $29.90 (UNIQLO)

4. Top: MONCLER GAMME BLEU, Striped Cashmere And Silk-Blend Sweater $670 (MR PORTER)  Joggers: THOM BROWNE, Tapered Striped Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants $590 (MR PORTER)


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