Supreme Shirt Updates, 2017

Supreme Shirt Updates 2017: Supreme Shirts, Tees and Jerseys

Streetwear enthusiasts around the world finally get a glimpse of new Supreme shirt and apparel offerings as the releases its Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook. Most are already on high-alert following the recent LV x Supreme collaboration and the LVMH buy-out rumors that followed. However, now streetwear fans are focusing on a new lineup of Supreme Shirts and clothing. The collection is massive, which is good news. Hopefully it’s a sign that there’ll be slightly more inventory in-store and less in the underground Supreme Resellers market. Similar to what we see in the lookbook, the Supreme shirt selection possesses classic James Jebbia swagger. At first glance, the line seems take heavy inspiration from nineties era hip-hop. Take for example, period statements like athletic jerseys paired with traditional streetwear wardrobes. Remember when rappers like Nelly  casually wore jerseys like they were t-shirts. Jebbia and team keep the nineties vibes alive with an updated jersey selection that includes a silk like purple baseball jersey, a blue hockey jersey with orange and white stripes, and a classic feeling white baseball jersey with thin blue stripes. Supreme Shirts 2017-The Dapifer The new Supreme shirt release also includes an assortment of polo styles and button-up shirts. As usual, the prints are one-of-a-kind. For instance, one button-up is white, completely covered in drawings of pills. Meanwhile, another Supreme shirt showcases hundreds of red hearts canvasing a black short sleeve button-down. We’re definitely feeling some serious Commes Des Garcons feels, right? Supreme Shirts 2017-The Dapifer For those who prefer a more minimal Supreme shirt, the drop offers a handful of to choose from. As seen in the lookbook, there’s a Sade t-shirt with her handwritten signature that reads, To Supreme Your Love is King- Sade. We also see a provocative politically charged Supreme shirt. The front of the black tee reads, Fuck the President. Beneath the message are two angels and a subtle Supreme logo. Supreme Shirts 2017-The Dapifer So far this is shaping up to be one hell of a year for Supreme fans. With the looming Louis Vuitton drop approaching and the hype over this latest collection, suddenly everyone is a fan. The 2017  Spring/Summer Supreme shirt and apparel collection officially drops Feb. 16, at Supreme stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris. Fans in Japan can shop the lineup starting Feburary, 18. Until then, you can see all the new Supreme shirt, jerseys, and tee updates below. You can also find all the latest Supreme New York news here.

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