Solange Knowles Son “Helped to Ground Her”, ELLE

Solange Knowles Son “Helped to Ground Her”, she shares in an Inspiring Cover Story for Elle

Solange Knowles is having quite the year. Did you see her recent Interview cover story with Beyonce? Following the release of critically acclaimed album, Seat at the Table, the songstress shines on the cover of Elle magazine. However, this isn’t Solange’s first Elle cover. She actually fronted the publications international version in 2012, Elle South Africa. For the cover story we explore topics ranging from Solange Knowles son to her big sister, Beyonce. Lensed by photographer Terry Tsiolis, Solange serves effortless beauty on the cover. The color palette is fiery, consisting of deep red eyeshadow mirroring that of her wardrobe. Taking an artistic direction, Knowles flaunts a red Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat alongside pants by Pleats Please Issey Miyake. Inside the issue Solange introduces more fresh feeling fashion in the same red palette as well as a crisp, white Celine pantsuit. Visually, the imagery speaks to the same aesthetic the artist shares in ‘Seat at the Table’. Similar to her recent Interview mag story, Knowles opens up, offering an intimate interview. The discussion includes dialogue about Solange Knowles son as well as reflections on growing up with Beyonce and her new album.

On Solange Knowles son, Julez and being a teen parent:

“It was one of the most bittersweet moments of my life,” Solange shares, “because I was so in love with Julez, and having spent a lot of time on the road, I yearned to be in one place, to have the opportunity to really ground myself with him. But it was isolating and lonely, and so cold and dark. And it was just Julez and me most of the time. It was hard to imagine being able to progress in my career in any way.” Solange Knowles Son-Elle Magazine-The Dapifer

On Solange Knowles growing up with Beyonce and Destiny’s Child:

Solange also reflects on growing up in a house with Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. “My sister and Kelly [Rowland] were the same age, which is like a built-in best friend in the house; they were extremely close,” Solange recalls. “Writing felt like this insular thing that I could go back in my room and express all that I would observe, all the emotions that would arise. It felt like mine, my little thing.” Solange Knowles Son-Elle Magazine-The Dapifer

On Solange Knowles album, Seat at the Table

“I did want to create this juxtaposition, politically, of having these very hard, messy conversations but having them stylistically in a way that you can really hear me, and not the yelling, the rage,” she ruminates. “I wanted to project in my delivery what I was not achieving at all: peace and having a certain lightness and airiness that could maybe help me get closer to having more light and airiness in my life.” You can see more of Solange x Elle Magazine March 2017 on newsstands now. You can also check out the latest Solange news here.

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