Gigi Hadid, Balenciaga, and Rihanna Said this About Trump #NoBanNoWall

Gigi Hadid, Balenciaga, Rihanna and the Latest on #NoBanNoWall in Fashion Politics

The intersection of politics and personal life is almost indistinguishable at the moment, even for a creative. On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for at least the next three months. Unsurprisingly, the news quickly echoed across the U.S. prompting an onslaught of heated debates, protests, and confusion. For many of us diversity is not just a word or a concept. It’s a way of life; a philosophy. Terms like immigrant, LGBTQ, and minority don’t just describe some character in a movie. The words describe our friends, family, neighbors, and often times ourselves. In the fashion community, several influential designers and models have taken the lead on a #NoBanNoWall stance. Spanning from 21 year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid to 28 year-old entertainer Rihanna and 70 year-old fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion and politics are now more connected than ever before. Keep scrolling below to see what the fashion industry has to say about President Trump and #NoBanNoWall. Before the recent news, a handful of designers were already beginning to make political statements on the runway. Take for example Demna Gvasalia’s overtly Bernie Sanders inspired Balenciaga Mens Fall 2017 collection. Balenciaga Mens Spring Summer 2017-No ban no Wall-Demna Gvasalia-Fashion Politics-The Dapifer Similarly, the designer took a political angle for his Vetements Fall 2017 collection, this time choosing to exploit stereotypes. Vetements Spring Summer 2017 Collection-No ban no Wall-Demna Gvasalia-Fashion Politics-The Dapifer Rihanna shared a very candid response to President Trump’s announcement on her Twitter account. We have a feeling there’s more to come from Bad gal RiRi. DVF’s Diane Von Furstenberg, a Belgium immigrant, took a less is more approach. The industry icon shared a picture of the Statue of Liberty with the caption: “Lady Liberty… we love you!” on her personal Instagram account. Very well said by Princess Furstenberg.

Lady Liberty… we love you !

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Gigi Hadid took an active approach alongside younger sister Bella. The two posted photos on their Instagram live from a #NoBanNowall rally holding handmade signs. The issue is definitely personal for the sisters whose father is of Palestinian-American descent.

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New York based designer Kenneth Cole made a large statement, literally. The socially conscious designer hung a giant billboard in NYC and shared the image on his Twitter account.

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