These 8 Magazines Failed at Diversity in 2016

These are the Least Diverse Fashion Magazines in 2016

Fashion may be an international business, but from the looks of some publications readers are seemingly homogeneous (and all white). The problems of racial diversity in fashion media is nothing new, but in the year 2016 we would all assume that these issues are well behind us, right? While, several publications and media outlets have made successful efforts to be more inclusive, there are a few titles that are lagging. Disappointingly, some magazines even had absolutely no covers featuring a non-white model in 2016. While we definitely respect editorial integrity and by no means believe that magazines should blindly cast models of color, the ratio is beyond unexplainable. Looking at data from this year’s covers and a recent diversity report by theFashionSpot, we identified the fashion magazines who were the least diverse in 2016. These titles all have zero non-white covers. Let’s hope they each make more valiant efforts in the new year to come.


Diversity Fashion Magazines Love Magazine - The Dapifer


Diversity Fashion Magazines Porter Magazine - The Dapifer

Marie Claire UK

Diversity Fashion Magazines Marie Claire UK - The Dapifer

Vogue Germany

Diversity Fashion Magazines Vogue Germany - The Dapifer

Vogue Netherlands

Diversity Fashion Magazines Vogue Netherlands - The Dapifer

Vogue Paris

Diversity Fashion Magazines Vogue Paris - The Dapifer

Vogue Russia

Diversity Fashion Magazines Vogue Russia - The Dapifer

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