Artist Michael Alan Creates Intimate, One of a Kind Portraits.

One of the things that fascinates human beings is there own image, as is made clear every day as we wade through a plethora of other peoples selfies. What if you could see your parts of your inner self as a Master artist sees them, one who is known for his exquisite technique and his uncanny ability to read his subjects energy. Michael Alan brings his masterful draftsmanship and penetrating eye to reinvigorating the conventional portrait. The old Masters achieved likenesses and left a record of their sitters forms and fashion. Alan seeks to go deeper then the surface. He is interested in his subjects life energy, using layers and colors and marks and surfaces to craft a depiction of their very essence. Artist Michael Alan Portraits Drawings - The Dapifer Michael Alan has taken his portrait drawing project to various locations, including patrons homes and inviting sitters to his studio, and last year and this Fall at Chelsea’s gALERIE tANJA gRUNERT. This tradition in his life started as a child when he used to draw portraits of his mother. Working on drawing his fellow humans is an endless source of fascination and information for Alan. We attended a portrait session on a sunny Chelsea afternoon and got the privilege of watching the dynamic artist in action. Alan was seated at a simple table by the window where he meticulously laid out his implements in preparation for the first session. When the sitter took her seat in the chair Alan offered the sitter a range of colored papers and drawing tools, and the sitter, made her selection. Alan set to work, his hands moving rapidly and deftly, switching implements such as pens, oil sticks, and collage elements, while gently drawing out stories and information from the portraits subject, and exchanging some information of his own. It was a spiritual and energetic exchange. Alan’s hands moved at blurring speed, depositing his trademark sinuous lines and dramatic bursts of color and as the structure of the head formed it was layered and the portrait began to develop a life of its own. Artist Michael Alan Portraits Drawings - The Dapifer Artist Michael Alan Portraits Drawings - The Dapifer The end result was amazing, a portrait that reflected the sitters happy spirit and sunny personality while being an amazing beautiful object on it’s own. Elizabeth Carbone, an artist and collector met Alan the day he suffered a serious auto accident that permanently damaged his spine. She noted that after the accident he was still drawing. She said, “Not many artists can draw and interact with others at the same time. He (Alan) has such a meditative focus.” As Michael Alan’s gallery notes, “Michael Alan is a master draftsman. Alan’s extreme devotion to drawing, his skill and unique practice is rare in this generation of Instagram art.” Michael Alan’s portaits are a unique window into the soul and I can’t wait to have mine drawn. There are more upcoming dates for this drawing experience that will be an ongoing. If you would like to book a sitting stop by the artist’s site and drop him a note.

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