Kanye West Wolves Video is Basically a Balmain Ad Campaign

Kanye West and Balmain Release a Joint Music Video and Fashion Ad Campaign for “Wolves” and the Balmain FW16 Collection.

Kanye West is one of the most storied entertainers of the moment. Amidst a highly controversial media frenzy surrounding his music video for “Famous” Mr. West flips the script for a fashion forward collaboration with French fashion house Balmain. Part fashion campaign and part music video, the release of Kanye’s “Wolves” video is a true creative partnership between Kanye and Balmain. Wolves is the second music video from Kanye’s recent album, The Life of Pablo. The darkly melodic track takes us deeper inside the mind of Mr. West as he continues to explore the true price of fame. The backdrop is dark and climatic. If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like the recent “Famous” video, we promise there are no naked celebrities and Taylor Swift nor her likeness is present. Instead, the controversial entertainer enlists an A-list team of top models directed by leading fashion photographer Steven Klein. The lineup of influential faces include wife Kimi Kardashian West alongside a few of Rousteing’s favorite muses: Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ysaunny Brito, Chico Lachowski, Josephine Skriver, Jon Kortajarena, Ronald Epps, Jordan Barrett, Riley Montana, Dilone, and Sasha Luss. Kanye West Balmain Wolves Music Video Kim Kardashian Balmain - The Dapifer The Kanye West Balmain collab shares a cryptic and poignant message throughout the video. From the moment the film begins and Kanye begins to hoist models from the positions laying on the ground, the mood is set. West immediately takes on a role that is both guiding and introspective. The video slowly builds featuring an emotional series of breathtaking scenes. The emphasis is on the fashion and the way the clothes move through the darkness. Our focus is also drawn to the models themselves, as the emotion of Balmain’s collection is embodied in the stark, sullen stares of the models. Taking the concept even further, Kanye even sheds a few tears along with the cast. Kim and Kanye are outfitted in their ‘Manus X Machine’ Met Gala looks eluding to the idea that perhaps the video was shot during the same period. One of the focal points of the video is the apparent lustful attraction to Kim and the opulence of her Balmain gown, a true parallel. The synergy between the concept and music appears to be an organic pairing. With Kim and Kanye starring in a prior Balmain FW16 ad campaign and the entire Jenner + Kardashian clan fully enlisted in the #balmainarmy, it was only a matter of time. Rousteing was impressed by the latest Kanye West Balmain project, “This is definitely one of the most incredible campaigns I’ve ever done. When I saw Kanye singing, Kim moving, the models walking and crying, the tears on Kanye, the tears on Kim.” “I was just like, Wow”. Watch the full Kanye West Balmain  “Wolves” Music Video below featuring the Balmain FW16 Collection.

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