Nonchalant Savant Drops Music Video for Mixed Signals

Singer Nonchalant Savant Releases Music Video for Single, “Mixed Signals”.

RnB-meets-alternative singer Nonchalant Savant offers some serious feels in his latest music video for, “Mixed Signals”. The smooth track with its atmospheric vibes pulls us into a trance guided by the singer’s melodic lyrics and intoxicating voice. “You got some nerve. You think you’re cool, but you don’t have a clue what you’re doing”, opens the video as the screen slowly illuminates revealing a woman skating through an empty street.

Directed by Mister Whitmore, the relaxed and moody video brings us inside the mind of Nonchalant Savant. Possessing the same intriguing presence as older brother and singer, Miguel, the entertainer is proving that he has a unique style that is all his own. Watch the “Mixed Signals” music video by Nonchalant below and drift off into a world of effortless chill.

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