Discover 5 Supermodel Approved Summer Hairstyles Sure to Keep You Looking and Feeling Runway Ready All Summer Long.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with our personal style and change up our look. Finding the perfect Summer hairstyle, however, is no easy task. With temperatures rising, a roster of outdoor activities looming, and the dreaded daily commute haunting our conscious, style goes beyond form, and we quickly realize that it’s a true necessity.

While it’s difficult to forget to swap out our winter coats for tank tops and shorter hemlines, neglecting our beauty routine becomes easier. The thought of fidgeting with hair dryers and straighteners likely causes enough anxiety to halt the trendiest of fashionistas in her pre-caffeine morning tracks. Before you throw in the towel completely and opt to bring back your high school ponytail, we may have an easy and trend appropriate solution for you. Taking notes from the SS16 runway, we’ve examined the simplest runway approved summer hairstyles we’ve seen during SS16 Fashion Week the past few months. The best part, you can be super confident in your new summer hairstyle because it came directly from the runways of fashion and who doesn’t want to look like a supermodel.

Scroll through the images below to see the 5 top Summer Hairstyles and the Fashion Week Runway Shows that Inspired them.


Chanel SS16: Hairstyle Inspiration “The Slightly Undone Ponytail”

Best Summer Hairstyles Runway Chanel SS16 -The Dapifer

Chanel SS16 reminded us how chic a well done pony tail can be. A simple yet slick pony not only helps with dealing with the summer heat, but also makes for great transitional style. From sun filled lunch dates, last minute shopping trips, or a quick walk through the park, this updated slightly undone pony tail is always appropriate. Dress the style up by adding a headband or hair accessory to really slay your next style look.


Moschino SS16: Hairstyle Inspiration “Bold Pixie Cut”

Best Summer Hairstyle Runway Fashion Week Moschino SS16 - The Dapifer

We can always count on Moschino’s Jeremy Scott to deliver a bold look. For the daredevils and those looking to add a little spice to their life, going for a bold pixie cut is a definite attention grabber. A fun and easy haircut makes it the perfect look for the Summer. Wake up, run your fingers through your tresses and you instantly feel like a supermodel.


Marc Jacobs SS16: Hairstyle Inspiration “Bedhead Up-do”

Best Summer Hairstyles Runway Fashion Week Marc Jacobs SS16 - The Dapifer

Marc Jacobs offered a new take on the typical bed-head look. An easy and simple hairdo that just requires a few bobby pins and hair spray to keep you cool and confident on those hot summer days.


Oscar de La Renta SS16: Hairstyle Inspiration “The Sleek Middle Part”

Best Summer Hairstyles Runway Fashion Week Oscar de La Renta SS16 - The Dapifer

The Oscar de la Renta aesthetic is all about classic style. Perfect for any occasion that involves a clean look with a lot of class. A simple mid-part frames the face in the best of ways for when out and about in the town or on a date.


Zac Posen SS16: Hairstyle Inspiration “Natural Waves & Bounce”

Best Summer Hairstyles Runway Fashion Week Zac Posen SS16 - The Dapifer

Zac Posen showed us that it was ok to let our hair down, literally. A classic on all the runways, embracing the natural waves and bounce of your hair is always a stunner. No need to deal with heating tools and chemicals on a hot summer day to achieve this look.

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