Kanye West ‘Famous’ Video Features Naked Taylor Swift and Rihanna

Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video. Kanye West Releases a Controversial Music Video for ‘Famous’ including Naked Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and a Cast of Naked Celebrities.

Kanye West has developed a reputation for producing jaw dropping moments. The release of his latest music video ‘Famous’ brings West’s controversial history to life in one of his most prolific works yet. Released on June 24 at the Forum in Los Angeles and exclusively on Tidal, the 10 minute music video invites us into the beautiful dark twisted fantasy of Mr.West. Minutes later, with mouths still on the floor, the question remains. Is it genius or just crazy – crazy, in a total Kanye West sort of way, of course. Mr. West is no stranger to the public eye and according to him ‘Famous’ is about sharing this experience. It’s a comment on fame,”he shared with an exclusive pre-release interview with Vanity Fair. In true Kanye fashion the entertainer confronts the idea head on leaving us speechless in the background. ‘Famous’ includes 12 naked celebrities like you’ve never seen before. Well, that’s not true at all. Many of the video’s subjects earned their most controversial moments of fame while nude. How exactly does one conceptualize and place this many naked famous personalities in one video? You lay them all strategically in one very long bed of course. The visually stimulating and shockingly controversial production isn’t completely West’s unscripted imagination. The scene was “directly” inspired by American painter Vincent Desiderio, West revealed. The Kanye version is certainly not subtle and the subjects, you’ll definitely recognize them. Laying comfortably in bed surrounding Kanye West are 12 of the most ‘famous’ people in the world, particularly Kanye’s world. Immediately to Kanye’s right lays a naked Taylor Swift, completely topless. On the left, is wife Kim Kardashian West laying face down with her butt exposed. According to text during the video, West’s other ‘Famous’ bedmates depict: George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Chris Brown,Taylor Swift, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, and Bill Cosby. Kanye West Famous Music Video Taylor Swift Naked - The Dapifer
Kanye West Famous Music Video Vincent Desiderio - The Dapifer

“SLEEP” by American Artist Vincent Desiderio. The Inspiration for Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video

Shot in a haunting, voyeuristic style, Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ music video leaves us busy attempting to decipher reality from illusion. Filled with moments of surrealism as the camera zooms in and out, pausing allowing us to hear the sound of breathing we can’t bring ourselves to look away. Despite its initial shock value, Kanye insists that video is not meant to be sexual. “We were very careful with shots that had [something] sexual to take them out,” he shared with Vanity Fair. Mr. West certainly has a tough argument to sale to stars like Taylor Swift. After all, the 2 are in the midst of a very public fall out regarding the artists “Me and Taylor Might Still Have Sex” lyrics in the ‘Famous’ single. Perhaps placing Taylor Swift naked, beside him in a music video is Kanye’s way of making amends. According to Kanye, all of the celebrities depicted in the ‘Famous’ video are special. As we dissect the various relationships further, we must admit that Mr.West has a point. From the past relationships of Kim Kardashian West and Ray J to Chris Brown and Rihanna, Kanye’s suggests that fame comes at a cost. The message becomes clearer. We now look at the 12 naked celebrities and realize that in a sense they belong to us. There is no such thing as privacy, at least when you’re famous. Your life and even your body is at the discretion and interpretation of the media – even when you’re sleeping. You can watch the full Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video featuring 12 very naked celebrities exclusively on Tidal. Let us know if you can tell who’s real from who’s fake.

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