Gucci Resort 2017: The Craft of Alessandro Michele

Gucci Resort 2017: Alessandro Michele Debuts the Brand’s Cruise 2017 Collection.

Since the debut of Alessandro Michele’s position as Creative Director of Gucci, the brand has excelled its successors as one of the most dynamically creative Italian fashion houses in this current period. We’re still obsessed with the brand’s SS16 ad campaign. Michele’s unique and abstract eye for untraditional beauty, paired with Renaissance influences has given birth to some of the most respected collections Gucci has produced. The aspect and aesthetic for unconventional and perhaps awkward beauty has turned the fashion industry on its head and triumphed with the ability to encourage people to absorb fashion in a new sense.

The Gucci Resort 2017 collection possesses the very essence and feel of the quirky rejects triumphing through their personalized style and individuality that encourages us all to do the same. Gucci is unafraid to show the often-overlooked beauty in strangeness, and exudes a quite rebellious spirit that is attractive to all in its anti-fashion attitude. It proved no more difficult in this collection to become hypnotized into the creative world of Alessandro Michele’s visions.

The cruise collection was shown at Westminster Abbey, the actual presentation staged in the Abbey’s cloisters. A collection with a heavy English influence was reacted with praise in its fitting habitat of London. Michele mentioned his influence of England throughout his latest collection as he praised how the contemporary sits with the past. Through this inspiration he created a strangely beautiful, awkwardly captivating presentation of 96 runway looks.

Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Designer Alessandro Michele Westminster Abbey - The Dapifer

The collection was nothing short of an elaborate feast of highly saturated and pigmented colors. Plaid prints paired back to bold stripes. Ornate florals and serpents were printed on lush fur coats. Floor length dresses lay printed in blue and white Victorian china prints. Experimental ruffles were attached interestingly to hemlines and sleeves, while others laid tiered voluptuously across Victorian themed garments suited for a queen. There was no shortage of motif sweaters and jackets with whimsical animals and figures. There was a recall of attention to the classic Gucci logo tee, as it was featured in at least two styles, one being paired back to a feminine floral skirt. Robe inspired menswear walked the stage with cat motif placements on the left side. A colorfully floral printed pajama style pantsuit was accentuated with blue and red striped hems and a regal bow collar accompanied by a brooch.

Exaggerated tennis sweaters that seemed as though worn by a Victorian woman herself were paired back to a bee brooch structured bag, and a straight brimmed garden hat. As expected, serpent detailing was increasingly strong in this presentation. English flag motifs were repeatedly featured on sweaters and shoes, and more subtly in strategic color ways. Baroque, gold threaded jackets included cinched bomber waists, while a leopard fur waist jacket was complete with a poppy red border and gold appliqué closures. A stand out piece featured a denim jacket with a black silk bow closure, punk spikes and both floral and animal patches and stitching, ultimately playing on the roles of femininity vs. masculinity, proper vs. punk. Eclectic headscarves and turbans topped the heads of models, while oversized GG belts accentuated the waists. The collection again added to its overall quirkiness with strong uses of plaid and tweed.

The Gucci Resort 2017 collection has received mass public approval as of its presentation. The garments proved to hold their own as strong stand-alone pieces, as well as accentuating companions to other garments, creating a unique, exclusive combination. It is this aspect alone, in that Michele is genius in his ability to represent diverse worlds, conjoined in one visual space. Season following season, Gucci shows no sign of losing momentum and proves promising in gaining insuppressible strength whilst under the reign of Alessandro Michele.

Check out a few of our favorite looks from the Gucci Resort 2017 Collection below and be sure to stop by the brand’s site to see the full range of current collections.

Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer

Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer Gucci Cruise Resort 2017 Collection Alessandro Michele - The Dapifer

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