Lily Rose Depp is Supermodel Confident for V Magazine Summer 2016

Lily Rose Depp is on the First Digital Issue of V Magazine and Serves Up some Serious Supermodel Confidence. Watch Out Kendall Jenner, there’s a New Girl in Town.

V Magazine introduced their first digital issue with rising fashion and social media influencer, Lily-Rose Depp posed for the cover. Photographed by Charlie Engman and styled by Emma Wyman, Lily-Rose is featured in a MSGM ruffled hem coat. The magazine is taking initiative in strengthening its web presence with newly launched sites and a cover feature who is digitally dominant.

Lily Rose Depp V Magazine Summer 2016 - The Dapifer

This issue of V Magazine, V101 actually poses two different covers for attracting their varying readers. Charlize Theron covers the print version of the summer fashion and film issue, while Lily-Rose Depp fronts the digital edition. In doing so, they wanted a digital cover girl who appeals more to the millennial generation, the generation who utilizes the digital space the most of all.

Lily Rose Depp Vmagazine Vanity Fair France - The Dapifer

A rising influencer, Lily-Rose has recently been chosen as the ambassador for Chanel and has been featured on the covers of Vanity Fair France and Love magazine. Aside from her editorial presence, she is increasingly occupying the big screen as well, with a focus on her acting career. In her interview with V Magazine, she talks of her Sundance debut with her first film, Clerks. She talks further, in depth on her acting experience and on coming into her own as an adolescent in a fame-driven momentum.

The newly launched digital site of V Magazine intends to expand video content in an effort to be more interactive. In doing so, viewers will be able to hear the artist or watch their features as opposed to just reading. As there is an exponential desire for fast content growing in today’s digital society, this platform will prove to be their most rapid way to produce the content that is being demanded. This of course arises the ever-growing question: where does the future lie for print magazines?

Lily Rose Depp V Magazine Summer 2016 - The Dapifer Lily Rose Depp V Magazine Summer 2016 - The Dapifer

The digital issue V101 of V Magazine is available for purchase on iTunes.

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