Jil Sander Resort 2017: Modern Musings of Rodolfo Paglialunga

Jil Sander Resort 2017: Designer Rodolfo Paglialunga Presents a Collection Filled with Modern Transitional Wear for all Seasons.

Jil Sander continued with structured simplicity in the Resort 2017 collection. The houses new designer, Rodolfo Paglialunga featured a collection of 23 looks, all fluidly relating to each other. The looks appeared structured with the immediately identifiable Jil Sander tailoring, despite the absence of Raf Simons. There was an evident play with silhouette and size in this collection as looks appeared oversized and at times styled with contrastingly silhouetted varied pieces. Boxy parachute structured tops were often styled back to fitted knee-length skirts. Paglialunga effortlessly merged elegance and sportiness in each design.

Drawstring waists appeared several times in the form of a dress or a skirt. The athleisure and casual aesthetic evident by the presence of a drawstring waist was offset and counterbalanced with a structured button down, collared top. These specific looks proved their versatility and ability to be transitional in their wear.

There were several strong nods to layering as the collection featured a tank dress with a long sleeved top layered beneath, as well as sheer chiffon-like under fabrics clinging to the hemlines of garments. A fitted skirt revealed a sheer, sexy hemline, whilst being paired back to an oversized, structured top. A beautifully sequin-embellished tank dress was effortless in its beauty as it was designed with the feminine sheer hemline featured in other looks, and completed with a crisp, white tie belt.

As in some of the other collections showcased for the Resort 2017 season, another nod to the robe was exemplified in the Jil Sander collection. A minimalistic, pastel robe dressed a model, with a contrasting color lapel, waist tie, and kimono-styled sleeves. Kimono-style dresses were worn over pants for a unique and effortless blurred silhouette. In contrast to the less obvious silhouettes and forms, Jil Sander included a boyishly tailored pantsuit in the collection as well. Two fitted dress styles were fabricated in breathtaking navy, crushed velvet as the garments clung to the figure.

Accessories were simple in their follow of the garments and included structured, folded leather bags, patent leather ankle boots and belted, bi-colored flats. Overall the collection was tailored and strong, in appealing to the modern day woman.

See a few of our favorite looks from the Jil Sander Resort 2017 Collection below and head on over to the brand’s site to shop the full range of collections.

Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer Jil Sander Resort 2017 Womens - The Dapifer

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