Acne Studios Resort 2017 : Meet the Daughters of Deadhead

Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection: Jonny Johansson Debuts A Post-Rock Inspired Resort 2017 Collection.

Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios is a designer known to march to the beat of his own drum, creating some of the seasons most avant-garde collections and artistically quirky campaigns along the way. For the Acne Studios Resort 2017 collection, Johansson offers yet another bold style statement, defined by a heavy use of fabric dying and screen printing techniques. Guided by an undeniable psychedelic overtone, the designer mixes and matches elements ranging from tie-dye techniques to duvet inspired pieces and layered accents of crinoline underneath skirts and coats.

His inspiration: Deadheads, a term coined for the fans of the psychedelic rock band in the 70s The Grateful Dead, or rather, “inspired by what the daughter of a Deadhead would wear”. Although Johansson makes it clear that he himself is not a Deadhead, he was rather interested in how a daughter born into that subculture would interpret the lifestyle today. The designer’s direct interpretations are apparent throughout the collection. Take for example the construction of a knitted dress accented with a panel on the bodice resembling the static interference of a TV screen; the tie-dyed duvet cape and dress or the visible crinoline underneath lightweight cotton and linen skirts.In contrast to other Resort Collection of the Season, bare skin was kept to a minimum. Johansson seemed to covered up as much skin as possible in some of the looks, instead introducing accents such as colorful, striped stockings or leather arm gloves or stockings, resembling sleeves.

If you’re a fan of Acne Studios, but don’t see yourself wearing tie-dye anytime soon, this collection may still make its way into your Resort wardrobe. Featuring a strong mix of retail ready accessories, you can still indulge in pieces like the very chic updated elevated Swedish clogs, stone skull finger and toe rings, dangly asymmetrical skull earrings bucket bags, or the fabulously psychedelic tinted and printed sunglasses. Any of which would elevate any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Check out our favorite looks from the Acne Studios Resort 2017 collection below!

Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection - The Dapifer Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection - The Dapifer Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection - The Dapifer Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection - The Dapifer Acne Studios Resort 2017 Collection - The Dapifer

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