Photographer Caterina Gualtieri Captures Irina G. in Our Latest Fashion Editorial Exclusive,”White Storm”.

Delicate silhouettes and softly shifting shapes merge as photographer Caterina Gualtieri captures the emotion of a powerful yet fragile series of moments. Wave Model Management’s Irina G. transforms into the perfect white storm, enveloped in a layered collection of weightless fabrics, architectural details, and feats that seem to defy gravity itself. Draped in a mix of collections ranging from ZARA to DOMENICO CIOFFI, stylists Andrea Amadio & Bendetta Merlini joined by hairstylist & makeup artist Eleonora G. Pellegrini craft moments that are nothing short of art.

Scroll through the images below to see the full editorial, “White Storm” featuring Irina G., Photographed by Caterina Gualtieri.

Irina G Photographed by Caterina Gualtieri Fashion Editorial Photography - The Dapifer

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