Billboard Announces the Highest Paid Artists of 2015

Billboard Highest Paid Artist of 2015: A Look at the Artists Who Brought in the Most Bank the Past 12 Months Top Earning Artist Billboard - The Dapifer

The music industry is constantly evolving and it’s often difficult to separate truth from perception. So who’s really driving that Rolls Royce and popping champagne while the rest of us sing along on Friday afternoon at our local watering hole? The answers may not be as straightforward as you suspect, and many of them may even shock you. Billboard sheds some light on the topic as it reveals its annual ranking of the highest earning artists of 2015. The comprehensive list includes 40 artists across multiple genres who are making the numbers add up as they tour and sale albums across the world.

According to Billboard the list was created using Nielsen Music and Billboard Boxscore, using 2015 U.S. data only and revenue from merchandising, synchronization, and sponsorship is not included. This certainly leaves a few of our entrepreneurial moguls off the list.

Click through the gallery below and see the top 10 Highest Earning Artists of 2015 who are really making it rain dollar signs.

10. MAROON 5

$19.2 Million Total Revenue

Maroon 5 Billboard Top 40 Earning Artist 2015

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