Art Unfiltered: Michael Alan’s show “Nine Lives” shows the Power of Art to Empower, Enrich and Heal.

Michael Alen 9 Lives Show Michael Kronenberg - The Dapifer

Over 100 people waited patiently to get in to see Michael Alan’s new show Nine Lives at Tanja Grunert at 524 West 19th Street on Thursday, March 31st. The eager crowd of collectors, and art enthusiasts packed the venue and were rewarded with an optical feast of Alan’s most recent drawings.

Visitors entered the space and were treated to a meticulously organized survey of Alan’s recent drawings. The works were organized by style and theme, showcasing Alan’s masterful draftsmanship and creating walls that showcased his different techniques and his prodigious productivity.

Michael Alen 9 Lives Show Michael Kronenberg - The Dapifer

Over 60 works are on display, from intricate and fiery pieces than combine drawing with collage elements to works on brightly colored paper that explore worlds of pure line. There is also a terrific series of drawings that explore the addition of oil based media to Alan’s line work, creating a vigorous hybrid of drawing and painting, and these pieces are some of the most intensely emotional of the show. Alan, a Bushwick based artist has overcome epic amounts of adversity in his personal life, hence the shows title ‘Nine Lives”. From dealing with major and ongoing health issues, to living through the loss of his home and studio, Alan has never let adversity stand in the way of a prodigious creative output, and Tanja Grunert Gallery has stood behind him, providing a forum for the works and his struggles to be shared with the public.

It was shared indeed on Thursday, when over 500 people were entranced by the works on display. We asked a number of them “What do you think of Michael Alan’s art “ and got these responses. “ Michaels Nine Lives exhibition showcasing the Brooklyn natives abstract figurative style was a welcome break from the usual Chelsea gallery shows featuring the usual overproduced concepts. The fluidity of his complex images at first feel chaotic, but on closer inspection are mantra like-a meditation of lines and color that seduce and calm.

Michael Alen 9 Lives Show Michael Kronenberg - The Dapifer

Alan Ket:

“I think it’s just the effortless manipulation of emotion. When I was in the studio and he was making it, it was coming straight from the soul. Why I love Michael Alan’s art are the insane, intricate figures that he throws at you that you have to try to decipher. Michael Alan is the embodiment of NYC art.”

Michael Alen 9 Lives Show Michael Kronenberg - The Dapifer


“I love Michaels work. I was introduced to him a couple of years ago through his performance work where a friend of mine was modeling. There’s so much spirit in it, especially with the small works, there is so much intimacy and energy. One of the things I love about his work is that every time you look at it you see something different, there’s so much going on. I feel like I could spend a couple of hours in here and still miss things. I come to Chelsea a lot and work for another artist so I see a lot of shows. It’s so great to see work like this. I really feel something when I look at it.”

Michael Alen 9 Lives Show Michael Kronenberg - The Dapifer


“It looks like a lot of thinking went into it. It’s pleasurable to look at and it’s colorful, I’d have it in my apartment. I can’t over think it but it’s pleasurable to me”

Diana Bekatoros:

“The exhibition of Michael Alan on show at my gallery right now is a great and in depth survey of his different series as a draftsman and the narrative of his work.”

Tanja Grunert:

“Nine Lives” will be on view at the Tanja Grunert Gallery through April 30th, 2016 and Michael Alan will be performing at his long running “Living Installation on April 16th, for information and tickets visit the artist’s site. You can also check out a few more event photos in the gallery below!

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