Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Features on April Cover of Paper Magazine

Kylie Jenner for Paper Magazine: Kylie Embraces her Beauty on the April Cover of Paper Magazine.

Kylie Jenner lands her latest magazine cover as she finds herself on the April Cover of Paper magazine. With a legion of social media followers, lucrative fashion and beauty collaborations and a clan of siblings that threatens to rival the royal family itself, Kylie has not only proved that she’s one to watch, but she’s also one to follow.

In the colorful and bold cover, Jenner is photographed in an exaggerated , almost caricature like representation of herself. Donning a pink plastic wig, meticulously styled into a bob alongside a saturated matching pink lip. The unapologetically plastic Jenner is draped in an ethereal blue fur coat as she cups her face wearing black silk gloves. With a resonating title, Youth, the wide-eyed gaze of Jenner perhaps says more than what meets the eye.

Check out Kylie’s plastic Paper cover below and stay tuned for more updates on the full story!


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