Beyonce Debuts Active Wear Clothing Line: Ivy Park

Beyonce Debut Active Wear Line, Ivy Park

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“Where’s Your Park”, this is international entertainer Beyoncé’s slogan in her motivational short film about her latest active wear brand, Ivy Park. The jet setting entrepreneur teamed up with Sir Phillip Green, retail tycoon, to develop her first active wear brand that consists of 200 styles and are scheduled to hit retail stores on April 14th in 50 different countries worldwide. Retailers to carry Ivy Park include but aren’t limited to TopShop,, and Selfridges.

Unlike a handful of active wear brands marketed toward women, Ivy Park is for the woman who enjoys breaking a sweat; whether she’s running, lifting, kickboxing, dancing, or doing yoga, she’s kicking ass and taking names doing so. The pieces in the collection are designed to fit as a second skin, ensuring comfort and are made from fabrics that are guaranteed to last.

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Beyoncé revealed Ivy Park by uploading a promotional video on Youtube and posting photos to Instagram of her suspended from hoops in the gym. The video features Beyonce in a park and a gym with a voice over explaining how her daily workouts help her stay balanced and stress free. It also talks about endurance and how she’s had to work hard to get where she is:

“I would wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on my door, telling me it’s time to go running,” she says in the video. “I remember wanting to stop, but I would push myself to keep going.

“It taught me discipline, and I would think about my dreams. I would think about the sacrifices my parents made for me. I would think about my little sister and how I was her hero. I would look at the beauty around me, the sunshine through the trees. I would keep breathing.”

Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park. When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park. The park became a state of mind. The park became my strength. The park made me who I am. Where’s your park?”

Check out the promotional Video below!

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