Grace Coddington Leaves Creative Director Title Behind at Vogue

Grace Coddington Steps Down: Legendary Vogue Creative Director Leaves Position Effective Immediately.

Grace Coddington Creative Director Vogue Magazine Book - The Dapifer

Second in command to Editor-in-Chief and unofficial “High Priestess” of Fashion, Anna Wintour,  Creative Director Grace Coddington’s influence on the history of fashion and what the consumer is allowed to see, feel, and imagine is simply unparalleled. Grace’s latest inspired fete has caught us all by surprise, however, as the 74-year old icon has announced that she will be leaving her high profile post after 27 years with the title.

Many may know her from her winning representation on the hit documentary, The September Issue, or perhaps by the reference to her style doppleganger on primetime tv drama, American Horror Story, Myrtle Snow, a sophisticated fashion conscious matriarch who routinely appears dressed in the latest designer collections adorned with an inspired fiery hair style admittedly taken from Coddington herself. Whatever the case may be, Grace Coddington has become a part of each of our lives in more ways than we realize.

Grace Coddington Vogue Creative Director - The Dapifer

A spokesperson for Vogue confirmed the news by sharing that Coddington would indeed be stepping back from her day-to-day position at the publication, and instead will be taking on the role of Creative Director-at-Large, while working on other projects outside the publication. While this may be somewhat somber news for faithful Vogue devotees around the world, it’s hard to gage how much of an impact this shift will actually have on the overall creative direction of the magazine. Even with her new position, Coddington will be contracted to produce at least four editorial spreads a year and we’re quite sure that one of those will always be the elusive September Issue. The soon to be Creative Director-at-Large will also keep her office and an assistant at the new Vogue headquarters at One World Trade Center in New York City.

Coddington reminisces on her history with the renown title as she shares with BOF, “I really love Vogue, it’s been in my life always, they discovered me as a model at 19,’ she told Business of Fashion. ‘I’m not running away from Vogue, because it has opened so many doors.”

Grace Coddington on the Cover of Vogue - The Dapifer Grace Coddington on the Cover of Vogue - The Dapifer Grace Coddington Vogue Creative Director - The Dapifer

Perhaps no one has as intimate of a relationship with Vogue Magazine as that of Grace Coddington. The certified fashion and style icon has been involved with the magazine in some form since 1958. Originally discovered as a model at the age of 17 through a modeling competition held by the magazine, Coddington went on to become a muse for the title before she was ultimately forced into retirement due to her untimely involvement in a car accident in 1965 which forced the model into recovery and prompted the end of her very young career. However, this wouldn’t be the end for Grace Coddington, it was actually the beginning of something much larger than we ever imagined.

Grace Coddington Vogue Creative Director - The Dapifer

For those of us wondering what to expect next from Grace Coddington, it appears that the veteran is not keeping us waiting for long. Grace is reportedly already planning on developing a fragrance with fashion house Comme des Garçons and has already been snatched up by Great Bowery, a representation agency based in New York City, who will be managing multiple aspects of her career.”It will be nice to collaborate, and nice to go out [and] give talks to people,’ she said. ‘It’s just another approach. I’m certainly not going into retirement. I don’t want to sit around.”

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