Prolific Brooklyn Based Artist Michael Alan Presents Another “Art”torial Exclusive in Our Latest Edition of Art Unfiltered

A essay accompanied by five drawings by Michael Alan

Brooklyn Artist Michael Alan Art Work Drawings Sketches - The DapiferHistory repeats itself, with variations of the good, the bad and the disgusting. Everyone PLEASE take a time out and ask themselves if they want to do something good with culture, or want to f*** culture and f*** the human race. Evil is very strong, a persuasive internal fuck up. I just left the studio and walked to the store and on the way I saw one person looking to see if they could grab my phone, a gentrified couple looking at me like I was a disgusting New Yorker, and a mentally disturbed person staring at me like I was a piece of meat. One man’s treasure becomes anther’s stolen fantasy. There are angels among demons but their courage has been smashed by the oppressive need of our nations greed. Our angels need a push to fly off their clouds again and a push to fly next to our wounded. Our sick need extra care and love. Medicaid needs to kick in faster and get the MRIs approved faster. They can’t wait for Superman or Donald Trump to save us from ourselves it’s gonna take the power of many to act as a united nation, versus a dividing, falling sculpture. While most of sit here and bicker about wall spaces and square footage we could be gathering in efforts to raise each other up.

Brooklyn Artist Michael Alan Art Work Drawings Sketches - The Dapifer

When is that time? Will we wait till the bitter end and live in a post holocaust world, like every modern day movie, sleeping in shadows and ducking the rays of the robot? I sure hope not. Hope is a weak concept designed on dreams, reality is constructed by action. If we don’t instill love and truth in each other then we will fall just like the dinosaurs. History repeats itself.

Who am I? It doesn’t matter, I’m just a voice watching, seeing, speaking and spilling a viewpoint. Delete me out of your feed if the words are too powerful. I’m not here to discuss who is the best in show or how great your tits look in a bra. Keep your senseless sex and save it for the heartless. The world was created in seven days. We can reconfigure it in one. At the end of the day destruction comes from greed, ego and power, all of the disgusting traits that have gotten our culture nowhere. And where do we need to go? You sure as hell don’t need me to tell you, but I’ll lay it out. We need to go together, pushing each other to be powerful kings and queens. Deleting the zombie packs and the fake mumbo jumbo. Cut the tongue out of the ass kissers and send the cowards home, and delete and block all those in favor of negativity. Everyone’s different, everyone has different passions, peoples hearts are blocked, afraid to be pure and living on rotten soil. It’s time for you to reach out to the person next to you and empower them, and let them know that anything is possible. This slavery bound train needs to crash, people need to be free and the hatred needs to stop. Its not just in art, politics or fashion, it’s literally all around us. It’s not good enough anymore just to wake up and give yourself a gratitude list, it’s time to wake up, love yourself and start spreading the love to every person you know.

Brooklyn Artist Michael Alan Art Work Drawings Sketches - The Dapifer

The more of this I spew the quicker I will die. Join me. Lets die heroes, not victims, not zombies. Lets impact this earth with what we were meant to bring. The lazy bohemian cancer, the Donald Trump hay fever, the psychotic bi-polar bandits need to be combated. This is all I know. It’s so easy to be a villain, it’s so easy to attack the sick, it’s so easy to be a bully, it’s hard to be a caring person. Be that caring person. If that means your life will be harder,which it will be, then be that, live that, own that. Your life will be more full, and those around you will live better. It’s not who lives the longest it’s who lives the fullest.

Brooklyn Artist Michael Alan Art Work Drawings Sketches - The Dapifer This is a calling, this a reach out asking everyone to step out of their comfort zone, and rise above self pity, self hatred and the narcissistic American dream that ruins all paths. So if today your goal was to knock someone down, take all that energy and build yourself up and then pass that to the next man. These are the basic ingredients to a rising, fluttering metropolis. This is the great depression of the millennium. It’s time to stop pushing each other out of the way to get a free hot dog. Stop giving me a free pizza for ruining my life. We all have the capacity to be strength. If you are mentally ill go to the hospital and get your ass out of the way of people who are trying to do good. If you have the assets and funds to buy another house in Tahiti use the funds to build a shelter for the homeless in Staten Island. if you have been through hell and know the definition of true suffering then take that and use it to help others.

Brooklyn Artist Michael Alan Art Work Drawings Sketches - The DapiferI leave you on this note. If there were, pretend, only a hundred people on the planet and twenty of those people were to take the time out to help five people out of the hundred then our existence would be compact and strong, a pack of wolves.

If we don’t use this mathematical equation in our time now, we will continue to chase a continuous empty loop. kill each other, fuck each other and hate each other. Fakelife will repeat every day like the definition of insanity. The only fucking way life will improve is if our culture strives to become hero’s versus scumbags. Dysfunction needs to stop.

Please reread the essay with the drawings next to you. They represent the feelings of the times now.


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