MINTING DIE, A Fashion Film By GHOSTPROM Exclusively for DAPIFER TV

Canadian Brand MINTING DIE Presents a Special Collaboration with GHOSTPROM in our latest Fashion Film Exclusive!


MINTING DIE urges us to look a bit closer at the provocative power of advertising in the brand’s special feature for Dapifer TV. Along with Director, GHOSTPROM the duo expose a world in which objectifying the muse is a form of ritualistic story telling, the creative pivot of the fashion industry. The lingering question throughout the short fashion film: so exactly how far are we willing to push the boundaries between fantasy and the idolization of the public body. An uncomfortable tension exists here, one in which the space between the viewer and the subject is often seen through a one-sided mirror.


CREW Director// Ghostprom Creative Director & Stylist// Deanna Palkowski Director of Photography// Nakasone Folk Production Company// Porch

CREATIVE Hair// Christopher Deagle at NOBASURA Makeup// Paula Landzador at NOBARURA

Featuring Jewelry from MINTING DIE

cast Cole @ Lizbell Agency, Darya @ Lizbell Agency, Todd Malus, Elysse @ Family Management, Jeni @ Family Management, Brennan @ Family Management, Willow @ Family Management, Shannon @ Family Management, Envy @ Family Management, Emily @ Detention Agency, Theo @ Detention Agency, [email protected] Detention Agency, Tre @ Rad Kids, Rhi @ Rad Kids, Nicola @ Lorde Inc., Samira Warsame, Ryan Pugsley Hamish Olding.

Voice// Giovanni Gasparetto Specials thanks to East Van Studios and Eliza Faulkner

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