Bally SS16 Womens RTW Collection Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016

Designer Pablo Coppola stands behind a 164 year old Swiss legacy as he continues to front hybrid European fashion house, Bally. It is not easy task at all- to be modern and classic; to give the people what they want as well as what they didn’t realize they wanted yet.

In his latest collection Coppola taps into this sensibility with one question, “What will the bourgeois woman in 20 years’ time want to wear?”. With this preface the designer offered a layered response of opulent textures, luxurious colors, and sleek refined silhouettes together colliding to create the confident women of the year 2035.

In essence this was not such a difficult question to answer for the already progressive Bally Brand. Coppola’s usual motif is inspired forward thinking aesthetic, but perhaps much more about the woman of today than that of 20 years in the future. The designer’s main focus seemed to be on silhouette. We saw double breasted pant suits with an almost loungewear fit. Trousers were cropped right above the ankle with the absence of any taper. The idea of the dress was reimagined as we saw versatile, slouchy outerwear inspired pseudo gowns hanging loosely while magically contouring the body at just the right places.

If color is any indicator of mood, there was a certain stoic seriousness present. Muted tones of beige, blush, and brown offered a very matter of fact persona to the collection. There were barely any prints present unless we count the amazingly indulgent fur outerwear dress seen in look 19 or the Pony Hair brown and white cow hide print seen in look 16.

From what we saw from the Bally Spring 2016 collection, the bourgeois woman in 20 years seems to already exist today as well as decade pasts. She is eclectic but not in a necessarily vibrant sort of way, she’s a collector of both influence and affluence.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite looks from the Bally SS16 Collection!

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