Kanye West Gives a Live Interview to SHOWstudio and Answers Fan Questions

We never know exactly what to expect from an interview with Kanye West , but what we do know is that it will be filled with memorable quotes and perhaps a few cringe worthy moments for some of us. After a busy fashion month including the usual haunts of Paris Fashion Week and his surprise Yeezy Season 2 presentation in New York, Kanye West sits down with SHOWstudio’s “In Camera” live interview series to show us yet another side of the talented Mr. West.

Following prior guests including Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, Lady Gaga, Photographers Juergen Teller and Nick Night among others, Kanye offers a candid view into his thoughts as he responds to questions from fans and Celebrity friends including Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld.

On Anna Wintour, who asked what he will name his son and what he hopes for him:

“I don’t have a name for him, but what I hope for him is that he can feel purpose. That he can learn that he has the opportunities… The other night I was driving in Paris and I saw these three high school kids running top speed. I didn’t know if they were chasing a guy or what. But when they got up to the street there was a bus right there, pulling off and they were beating on the side of the bus. I looked at the time and it was 1 a.m. so that might be the last bus of the night and I was really saddened. How can I make my son feel that? Once you’ve felt that, then none of these fucking questions matter. When you’ve missed that last bus before, you don’t give a fuck about any of this.”

On whether or not he was trying to make a political statement with Yeezy Season 2:

“I think it’s racist when white people assume that when a black person uses color it’s a political statement. [I wasn’t making a political statement.] It was a painting, it was a beautiful color. People say this a political statement… That statement is not gonna stop the murders in Chicago. That statement is not gonna help people get jobs. That statement is not gonna get guns out of hands in Atlanta. That statement is not gonna stop Zimmerman from bragging about… It’s such a thing… I had this one stylist come up to me, and Virgil was standing next to me, and said, ‘You need to watch out for him. He’s taking your place.’ And I was like, ‘Oh the one spot for the black guy at the dinner table in fashion? That place? Is that what you’re talkin’ about?’ The assumption that my artistic expression of clothing has something to do with race or politics and more politically correct term ironically for racism is racist in itself. If it wasn’t my intention for it to be political, and everyone gives it this credit and somehow they’re giving it a credibility I’m like, ‘No I don’t even want that kind of credit.’ I don’t want anything I don’t deserve. I just want a chance to drink at the clear fountain. I just want a clean shot, I just want a clean bat to swing at the wall–and it’s not.”

On homosexuality in hip-hop:

“Isn’t it so funny how the culture of different art forms is so different? Where it’s like, I felt that I got discriminated against in fashion also for not being gay. Whereas is music, you definitely get discriminated against if you are gay. It definitely–it takes some amazing talents to break down that barrier.”

Check Out the Full Video Below to See Kanye Live for SHOWstudio “In Camera”

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