Mary Katrantzou SS16 Collection London Fashion Week Spring 2016

The idea of fashion for most designers is function, for designers like Mary Katrantzou construction is primary becoming an art blending the form of the creative aesthetic with the ever evolving ideology of the modern silhouette.

In Katrantzou’s latest collection a meticulous attention craftsmanship was on full display as the designer showed us a sleeker, sexier, and more approachable collection. Not that the designer’s collections are usually lackluster, but there was something particularly modern about what we saw this season.

When it comes to mixing prints there’s a very soft line between eclectic and luxurious. Katrantzou blended both of these vantage points beautifully through the use of seemingly heirloom inspired 70s prints with a mix match of floral motifs. Most impressive where the metallics, an iridescent almost reptilian tough looking textile that changed like a mood ring dancing in the light of a million emotions. The silhouettes were high hitting and provocative. Skirts rose above the knee and neck lines plunged creating a sophisticated bit of architecture on an otherwise modest neck line.

Mary Katrantzou has been a stand out talent from the start and with her latest collection she proved just how versatile she is. Taking a step back from editorial construction and meticulous concept, the designer has produced a collection that is desirable to any woman who dares to be noticed.

Check out the gallery below to see a few of our favorite looks from Mary Kantrantzou SS16!

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