Wonderland Magazine Celebrates 10th Anniversary with 10 Cover Stars

Independent fashion and entertainment magazine Wonderland celebrates its 10th Anniversary with 10 of the brightest stars in fashion, film, and music. The A-list line up includes Selena Gomez, FKA twigs, Dane DeHaan, Eliot Sumner, Zoë Kravitz, Emma Roberts, Hailee Steinfeld, Gareth Pugh, Bella Hadid, and Lucky Blue. Inside the issue the glossy reflects on its decade in publishing with a lineup of special features and retrospectives for a monumental 400 pages.

Also included is Gaspar Noe’s controversial Cannes Film Festival debuted project, ‘Love’ which has proved to be quite the provocative tease. There’s even a special look at ‘Ten Years of Prada’. While we’re not exactly sure what this feature contains we’re expecting some parallel between the evolution of the Prada brand and the magazine as it relates to art, fashion, culture, and style.


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