Dior Accessories AW15 Camapaign Starring Jennifer Lawrence

As one of Creative Director Raf Simon’s favorite Dior girls, Jennifer Lawrence makes her latest debut for the brand in an AW15 handbag campaign. Since signing on as an ambassador in 2012 Lawrence has made quite a few notable appearances for the brand and this latest campaign may just be the actors greatest editorial work yet.

Photographed by David Sims in a clean and minimal style, Lawrence poses in front of a cool gray backdrop outfitted in gorgeous Dior RTW with an enviable collection bag taking the leading role in each image.

Lawrence even shared what she keeps in her very own handbag, ‘I keep in my handbag… a phone, house keys, car keys. A lot of keys,’ she said. ‘My purse is very noisy. I have just, like, airport bags that are filled with gum wrappers and old tickets. I normally use smaller bags for dressing up and big bags for airport bags.’

Check out the gallery below to see all the images from the Dior AW15 Handbag Accessories Campaign Starring Jennifer Lawrence!

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