Alexander Wang SS16 Collection New York Fashion Week

This season marks designer Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary under his eponymous label and the tension that surrounded his latest collection debut was nothing short of mayhem. With a slew of bold social campaigns in the recent months celebrating the designer’s anniversary with social initiatives and interactive projects such as his 10 year capsule collection highlighting the most popular collection pieces voted via social media and the recently released ‘Do Something’ campaign featuring 38 of the worlds most influential artists, musicians, and models.

If you know anything about Alexander Wang, you know he does nothing on a small scale and of course his 10th anniversary collection was no exception. Set against a seemingly stark black backdrop stood a 50ft runway. With the crowd only inches away stars such as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West filled the room with even more electrifying energy for the show ahead and then the beat slowly drops and the show begins. “I’mma fuck the summer up. I’mmma fuck the summer up”, from the very first lines of Wang’s opening soundtrack we knew exactly what we were in for.

Wang is one of those rare designers that can create a collection that is both editorial and completely wearable. This genius has a lot to do with Wang’s success and he’s very well aware of this. “This season we were thinking to ourselves, ‘What’s innovative? What feels modern?’” said Wang backstage after the anniversary epic. “So this is the rejection of innovative. What is around us feels modern. The everyday and the mundane is what’s most inspiring. We decided to look back. Let’s bring back the girls that have inspired me over the years. There’s no high concept. There’s no singular theme. It’s about being an individual but also about being part of a tribe. Finding peers that understand that loose similarity. I wanted to think about clothes that excited me and let the canvas and the girls bring them to life.”

The collection was full of the usual wang innovations. Track jackets, trousers, Army Jacket, Sweatshirts, and effortless basic. Each piece embodying the undeniable touch of Wang’s street savvy aesthetic. In addition to the usual palette of black,white,blue, and red we saw hints of gritty prints including tartan and even a softer neutral stripe that made an appearance as trousers in both the Men’s and Women’s Collection.There weren’t many surprises in the form of the usual ‘what exactly is that’ present as most designers attempt to push the boundaries. Instead for Wang innovation comes in the form of an unrelenting ethic of reworking what already exists to make it that much more innovative. The designer shared similar sentiments before the show with WWD, “Sometimes I feel like the innovation moves faster than what we’re prepared to absorb,” he said before the show. “Maybe the idea of the mundane and the rejection of innovation is what feels modern.”

With the immense success of Alexander Wang and all that he has accomplished, it’s hard to imagine that he’s only been in the business for a decade. For most designers this would be considered the height of a career, but for Wang we know that things are just beginning. We’ve seen the type of work that he can produce consistently and the huge market for it, the only question now is what’s next? A question that only Wang himself can answer. How he does that… we’ll  just have to wait until the next show.

Check out the gallery below to see all the images from Alexander Wang SS16 Collection !

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