Chromat SS16 Collection at New York Fashion Week

Simply electrifying was Chromat’s Spring Summer 2016 runway presentation this evening, as Alek Wek appears in the midst of an intense ligth show, with an illuminating bustier before making her way down the catwalk. The inspiration behind the collection entitled ‘Momentum’ comes from the idea that “clothing, like architecture, should respond and adapt to the wearer”. Thus for this architectural sportswear and swimwear collection, Chromat teamed up with Intel Innovative Team to create garments with “smart textiles” that are able to indicate the wearers stress levels, adrenaline, and body temperature. The garments also powered by the Intel Curie Module allows the garments to take the shape of the wearer and adapting to the wearer’s climate as well. Momentum is a collection that is a sure way to remind us that the future of fashion is here among us! Check out the gallery below to see our favorite looks from the Chromat SS16 Collection!

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