Discover Calvin Klein Jeans FW15 Ad Campaign with Raw Texts and Real Stories

Calvin Klein Releases Its Sexy New Ad Campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans FW15.

Calvin Klein Jeans has put out some of the most iconic images in fashion to date. The racy and provocative style of Klein’s ‘New American’ sportswear has shaped the fashion advertising world in more ways than one. For the brand’s latest campaign we’re ushered once again into a very real world of youth, tension, and surreal connection.

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti the campaign revolves around relationships and text messages. Real life supermodel couples pose in pairs and alone with pieces of past text messages strewn atop the image. including Alessio Pozzi, Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones, Grace Hartzel, Ethan James Green,  Julia Van Os, Piero Mendez,  Harmony Boucher, Torin Verdone, Laura Julie, Noma Han, Jaime Carpena, Tiana Tolstoi and Reid Rohling.

Check out the gallery below to see all of the images from Calvin Klein Jeans FW15 Ad Campaign !

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