Siki Im SS16 Collection New York Fashion Week: Mens

Siki Im Releases SS16 Collection at New York Fashion Week: Mens.

Siki Im’s Spring Summer collection was an eclectic collage of nostalgia: chains dangling from the waists of models had CD’s and computer chips on them, while robotic styled aviator sunglasses, dingy denim jeans,and  prints resembling old tapestry had us feeling like we were rummaging through our grandparent’s addic.  Im once lived in Cologne, and strong influences from the Larry Clark film, Kids, Sonic Youth and Phillip Glass made appearances throughout the collection. “I wanted to combine the gritty and the angelic,” Im explained, which ironically perfectly describes New York City in the eyes of any youth 20 or so years ago.

The silhouettes for the most part were baggy and the utilization of denim was remarkable, hanging from the waists of the models, successfully combining his high end line Siki Im with his diffusion line Den Im. Shirts and denim were torn, bunched and gathered while some of the more structured pieces like the blazers and the fine shirting, helped balance out the collection.

Overall, Im’s presentation was a number that reminded us of the late 90s, early 2000s when technology became huge and while many of us hadn’t a clue what life or fashion had in store for us.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite looks from Siki Im SS16 !

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