Duckie Brown SS16 Collection, New York Fashion Week Mens

Duckie Brown Releases SS16 Mens Collection at New York Fashion Week: Mens.

Steven Cox and Daniel Silver at Duckie Brown, put their minds at work to create a spring summer collection that played on the trendy motifs of androgyny and femininity in menswear without being androgynous or feminine. Yes, it seems that anything remotely see-through as many of the nipple bearing tops go hand in hand with femininity, but the silhouettes are what sold the collection as masculine.

The color scheme plays along with the motifs as such: salmon pinks, lilacs, and bright electric yellows coincided with navy and denim. Silhouettes were oversized in the sheer organza tops, paper-bag waist pants, with the drawstring pulled ever so tightly to fit the slim waists of the models, and in the bright electric yellow suit that stole the show.

Duckie Brown’s collection sure did do a number with pushing the envelope in a way that can still sell to men.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite looks from Duckie Brown SS16 !

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