Discover John Varvatos SS16 Mens Collection New York Fashion Week Mens

John Varvatos Releases SS16 Collection at Inaugural New York Fashion Week Mens.

The John Varvatos brand is as straight forward as it gets and for its SS16 collection, we were given more of the edgy, Rock and Roll aesthetic that we’ve come to love. With hundreds of umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and stripes making a graphic statement across the runway, John Varvatos presented a show inspired by mid-70s rock and Southern California.

The stripes didn’t constrain themselves to the runway; the entire collection was full of them. Long trenchoats, free flowing blazers, and pencil sharp trousers all offered a variety of stripes in varying hues and silhouettes. Accompanying the prints were a blend of knitwear and basics. Take for reference the black ensemble hidden beneath a taupe and black striped trench in look 3 or the cool grey and white striped suit worn by wonder kid Lucky Blue Smith in look 8.

We like that John Varvatos has held on to his rock and roll sensibilities and ever more importantly has found a way to make each collection relevant. Oh, man,” he said, “I was thinking about the mid-’70s rock scene in Southern California, the clubs in the Laurel Canyon area where the Stones and Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac played. It was all so relaxed and bohemian.”

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