See Timo Weiland SS16 Mens Collection at New York Fashion Week Mens SS16

Timo Weiland Reveals SS16 Menswear Collection at New York Fashion Week Mens SS16.

 “I love you more than being seventeen” a quote by Julian Casablancas headed the itinerary at the Timo Weiland presentation at Clarkson Square Studios. Anticipating a youthfully inspired collection, what we got were traditional men’s silhouettes and an easy flowing motif of relaxation. Weiland’s silhouettes were oversized accompanied by added elements of quirkiness and intriguing style pairings. The color palette consisted of mainly primary colors, reds and blues, while most of the pieces were either white or black. The use of prints were also minimal too, like the pinstripe silk on the washed silk bomber jacket in look 13, or the zipper button down shirts in Japanese cotton, quietly tucked away underneath the static print sweater layered under a waxed indigo cotton jacket in look 8.

Weiland successfully taps into youth with over sized relaxed, silhouettes, a minimal color scheme and patterns, booming electro music, and TV sets that don’t work properly!

See the gallery below for some of our favorite looks from Timo Weiland SS16 !

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