Watch Rihanna in her Racey New B-tch Better Have My Money Video

Rihanna Debuts her Provocative, Sexy, and Highly Volotive New Music Video for her Hit Single, B-tch Better Have My Money.

If you’re with your parents, at work, or in any public space hovering over a phone or computer screen, be warned that Rihanna’s latest music video is definitely Rated X for adult content. What else could we expect from a single titled, “B-tch better have my Money”. Understandably, many of us didn’t know what to expect but still found ourselves singing along”Blah Blah Blah”. In case you’re still curious as to exactly what’s going on inside the head of Rihanna, this latest video will definitely whet your appetite and keep your heart racing and palms sweating for a full 8 minutes.

Co-Directed by Rihanna and MegaForce Productions the storyline goes something like this: A wealthy woman is casually kidnapped from her home by Rihanna and her super stylish gang. The posse stops for snacks and cinematic snapshots along the way. Suddenly, we see a woman dangling from the ceiling; scene cuts back to Rihanna being ‘everything’ a.k.a Bad Gal RiRi before we finally all exhale a big sigh and gawk at the Directorial and all around insane skills of Rihanna. The moral of the story? Don’t Cheat or owe Rihanna Money. Your wife could end up being kidnapped and you’ll end up dead while an absolutely beautiful (and a little bit insane) Rihanna stands covered in your blood with your money.

Oh yea we can’t forget to mention the ‘wealthy woman’ is none other than ‘Hannibal’ star Mads Mikkelsen and the ‘B-tch who better have my money’ is played by Eric Roberts. Insanity at its finest.

So if you owe Rihanna money maybe you don’t want to keep scrolling, but if you’re like the rest of us see below for the super disturbing and wildy sensational music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money”


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