Ian Barling photographs Elite Model, Tamirys Melo for an exclusive feature ‘7 Questions with The Dapifer’

The Dapifer: Where are you from and how did you end up in New York?

Tamiys: I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and end up in NY thanks to an Elite NYC scout, who saw me in my agency in Brazil, but in that time i didn’t speak nothing in English so, I went to London first to learn, and in middle of April I came to NYC.

The Dapifer: How where you scouted?

Tamirys: I was in a international casting in my agency in Brazil and I caught the eye of the Elite NYC scout, I believe.

The Dapifer: What’s the most difficult thing about modeling?

Tamirys: The most difficult thing about modeling for me is to stay away from my family

The Dapifer: If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?

Tamirys: I wouldn’t change Brazil for any place in the world. I love my country !

The Dapifer: If you could book any job today , what it would be and why?

Tamirys: A cosmetic campaign

The Dapifer: Define your personal style in 3 words

Tamyris: Happy with life

See all the gorgeous images from Tamiry’s exclusive shoot with Ian Barling in the gallery below!


Photographer// Ian Barling Model// Tamyris Mealo @ Elite Models Styling (and all Retro clothing)// Victoria Barling Hair/Make-Up // Mami Iizuka Photo Assistant // Tyler Roste

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