Urban fashion is often the satirical center piece of modern media or even more so often it’s borrowed from and neatly packaged by some grand fashion house and viola a new trend is born. The fashion world applauds and fashionistas around the world are quoted as being “edgy” and “daring” for flaunting the style. Every now and then , however, the lines of urban and high fashion meet so brilliantly that both worlds see eye to eye.


Meet Cookie Lyon, the beautifully brilliant, sharp and ” take no compromises” star of one of televisions newest hit shows, Empire. Starring award winning actor, Taraji P. Henson, Lyon has a complicated past leading her to eventually be incarcerated before her recent release. Thrown into a world where everything is familiar yet shockingly different, Lyon is forced to adapt quickly.

From the very first appearance of the newly released Cookie Lyon donning a  body conscious leopard cocktail dress, winter-white fur, and thick gold hoop earrings; we were introduced to a woman who was all about making an entrance (or exit for that matter). With over a decade behind her and the fashion world at her finger tips, Lyon shows us that she’ll always stay true to herself at any cost.


With an eclectic wardrobe of 90s inspired fashion featuring designers such as  Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Roberto Cavalli; Cookie Lyon is the modern awakening of the fearless fashionista. Set against a backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the music industry and a rambunctious cast of of primarily African American actors, we’re offered an intimate view into a world that is not often seen in mainstream media.

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by Lakenya Kelly

All photos// Courtesy of fox

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