In late March, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Retrospective debuted in Paris France, returning home for the first time after being showcased in 9 cities with over 1.5 million viewers in the last four years. What makes this retrospective different among others ?

The retrospective debuts a lot of Gaultier’s envelope pushing pieces, including some of the early designs: his first dress ever designed which is a hooded gown made in 1971 for Aitize Hanson that exposed her breasts, ultimately foreshadowing his theme of female topography throughout his design career, his garbage bag dress from 1980 originally worn by photographer Ellen von Unwerth, his daring pinup and hobo menswear, pin striped “trouser skirt”, as well as the critically acclaimed Hasidic styles to his more recent pieces, including looks from runways shows from the a few years ago. There is a section specifically for Madonna, as well as pieces worn by other celebrities such as Kylie Monogue.

Since the Retrospective is finally debuting in Gaultier’s home, Paris, he is able to assemble the displays accordingly, properly draping each garment accordingly. The timing of the paris Retrospective debut couldn’t have been more perfect as we find Gaultier himself embarking on a new point in his career having halted his ready to wear to work on haute couture, fragrances, and other special projects. Gaultier is more refreshed than ever and having the time of his life as his laughter fills the museum with the accompaniment of his friends, family, and icons on the night of the debut.

by Suliya Gisele

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