In light of the Charlie Hebdo Attacks earlier this year, and the city of Paris on high alert for any future civil altercations, Paris Fashion Week marched on saliently. We’ve all come to expect a lot from this vibrant city full of beauty, fashion, and creative inspiration. Luckily, the Parisians rarely disappoint and we reflect once again on another showcase of fashion collections.


Proudly owning the title as fashion capital of the world from the runway to the street, designers were boldly emphatic as creativity, innovation, and humor lightened our spirits amidst a whirlwind month of travel, changing climates, and endless collections. From 70s inspired-Rock and Roll Grunge, to classic Parisian motifs, Paris Fashion week was a perfect closing stage to fashion month.

Balenciaga, Balmain, Alexander McQueen- some of fashion’s most distinguished fashion houses show during Paris fashion week and it’s no surprise that our list of inspiration is full of brilliant moments. Join us as we revisit 20 looks and concepts that we’ve taken away from Paris that have lightened our moods.

by Suliya Gisele


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