The final day of Milan Fashion Week brings along with it the close of yet another fashion week. Days full of endless collections, appointments, and presentations  come to a halt as we all gather our doubts and attempt to wrap our heads around trends and style for the season ahead. However before the last bell rings and fashion school is temporarily out of session, we take a closer look at what the final day of Milan Fashion Week had to offer. From classic collections from brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo to a headline making mother and child inspired collections from the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house we’re reminded that surprises aren’t always what we expect them to be, but in fashion they’re at least always expected.

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by Lakenya Kelly

 The scene at Marni was rustic and robust. Consuelo Castiglioni created silhouettes that were heavy, but not in an obtrusive way. Instead rich wools and felts were manipulated to form clean lines accented with unusually luxurious accents. Fur full-length arms on a classic wool coat turned heads as burst of color kept our attention through this new found angle from Castiglioni.



No one capitalizes upon a vision quite like Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbanna. The designers presented a 91 look collection with the theme of motherhood at the helm. 11 official moms (some with kids in tow) marched the runway in ultra-feminine graphics. Roses were definitely the motif as the day as we watched look after look adorned with single and sometimes multiple roses customized with drawings from Domenico’s nieces and nephews. There were also some great notes of editorial as we witnessed sleek all black silhouettes express the many different faces of motherhood.



 Massimo Giornetti has a lot to say about what the Salvatore Ferragamo woman should look like. Ironically, his statement is subtle and classic. In the brands latest collection we’re shown a medley of sophisticated, minimal fashion. Bold, sharp cuts add extra dimension to silhouettes as stark appearances of color add a confidently obscure aura of intrigue.



“Let’s call it neo-minimalism, because of this cultural too-much that I am breathing at the moment. Too much information, too much stimulation.” The words of Gaia Trussardi serve as a triumphant prelude to an invigorating collection. The brand’s latest collection was richly sensational without being interesting in a conventional way. The looks were styled to all be monochrome. Savory browns, deep greens, and articulate statements of metallic created images of powerfully focused style accented by the woman who’s calling the shots.



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