Saturday has always been a great day for showcasing personal style. Free from the restraints of the 9-5 and full of excitement for the fetes ahead we loosen up a little and try out those pieces that we weren’t quite brave enough to don.  Designers seemed to be on a similar page as they presented a Saturday full of sensational glamour defined by ultra luxe pieces intermingled with one-of a kind invigorated textiles.

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by Lakenya Kelly

Tomas Maier urges us to see beyond the dotted lines, well just dots, in his latest collection for Bottega Veneta. Bold graphics and strategic uses of color create a structured take on “pop art”. Things are always a bit odd at Bottega and perhaps that is what draws us to it, whatever the reason Maier again has articulated the formula quite brilliantly.




Billowing silhouettes, sexy cut-outs, and gilded adornments- all the elements of a signature Roberto Cavalli collection were present in Milan. It was almost as if Cavalli created a couture caricature of everthing that makes Cavalli…. well Cavalli. A color palette of black, gold, ombre red, and blue added a bit a bite to an otherwise soft collection creating moments of unforgettable Rock and Roll Glamour.



Elevated luxury was the mantra for Ermanno Scervino’s latest collection. Opening with a ice white puffer coat re-worked to become some type of glacier party dress . Scervino believes that every occasion is deserving of luxury and we absolutely love it. Sensational houndstooth covered smart pieces of outerwear and thrilling dresses as shimmering black textiles added sharp notes of intrigue. The real thrill came in as Scervino shifted to a piercing cool blue palette that left us chilled.



Espionage was the name of the game at Jil Sander and designer, Rodolfo Paglialunga, was all in. There’s always something fundamentally basic yet extraordinary about each Jil Sander collection. This time around ,we revisit the designer’s affinity toward the primary color wheel. A collection full of bold, confident blues and appearances of yellow, jut and dance creating perfectly draped silhouettes. Outerwear caresses the waist just so as an unassuming swatch of color underneath keeps the eye occupied with subtle intrigue.



True luxury is always found in the detail and Aquilano.Rimondi drove this point home in his latest collection. The pieces themselves were subtle in design. Imaging a pair of black trousers accented by a sequin encrusted tank top or perhaps a sheer skirt with details in just the right place sitting beneath a snug knit confidently dancing alongside a captivating silhouette. Rimondi’s collection was both modern and baroque a true testament to the richness and agility of art.



Good vibrations were abound at Emilio Pucci as Peter Dundas presented his last collection for the brand. The mood was progressive and tense. Dundas opened with a series of head to toe abstract textiles dripping in metallic sheen. We got subtle notes of Versace before being progressively thrust into a wave of euphoric sensations. Deep, romantic reds, violets, and blacks criss-crossed grabbing bits of flesh along the way finally culminating as brilliantly bold graphic prints.



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