After a week of fashion shows, presentations, and A-list galas we find ourselves at the zenith of New York Fashion Week. The final day has always carried a silent prestige alongside it. Typically reserved for the few fashion elite who have managed to transcend the boundaries of fashion, it proudly boasts the accomplishments of American Fashion and New York as the Fashion Capital of the world.

See who made our List! NEW YORK FASHION WEEK FW15: THE FINAL DAY and stay up to date with live updates from the Runway here!

words by Lakenya Kelly

The day offered much of what we expected.  Ralph Lauren led the way presenting a collection grounded in calming earth tones and ethereal textures. Staying true to his classic All American aesthetic the woman was allowed to be both perfectly prim and a bit undone. A sensational feather skirt paired perfectly with a basic knit and brown knee-high boots in one look while a tailored black suit complete with a fur collar marched confidently across in another. Trips to to the great west or perhaps some remote European village came to mind as we drawn into the story of these women and their illustrious lifestyles- that is the true beauty of any Ralph Lauren collection.

Calvin Klein’s collection slid down the runway with a familiar ease. Perfectly linear cuts  moved alongside intriguing contrasts and surfaces. Every piece was liquid sensuality accompanied by the youthful, new american vibe that the brand has made iconic. A seemingly simple trench coat when examined closer revealed mixed mediums and hand sewn details and we finally understood that nothing is ever as it seems.





The thoughtfully elegant Gilles Mendel has an uncanny way of mixing luxurious pieces alongside one another creating a perfectly contained ballet of sorts.  For his latest collection , Mendel employed a strong sense of richness in every aspect of his construction. Colors either stood out boastfully , as was the case with an encrusted evening gown that made the perfect s cut around the knee while hanging beautifully behind, or lingered mysteriously behind like the smoke stacks of a familiar film noire.



The last few seasons for Marc Jacobs have been true stand outs. The designer has found a peculiar space of his own to occupy. It is both commercial and unexpected- straight forward and askew.  Sticking to his aesthetic of trend setting textures and fabrics alongside unexpected styling this latest collection was pure euphoric genius. Tones of hard and soft mingled confidently in the forms or patterned trenches and whimsical fur stole collars and prim dresses.



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