The harsh light and sticky conditions of Spring and Summer can create a whirlwind of complications for fashionista’s everywhere looking to add something a bit extra to their hairstyles. Luckily, as we looked on at Couture week, we were given glimpses of how this year could be a little different.

by Suliya Gisele

1. Effortless Braids at Valentino:

Why not give yourself an Infinite braid this summer and spruce it up with flowers, real or faux. This look is very feminine, it will keep your hair off of your face and neck, and  more importantly, it looks effortless and beautiful. Instead of putting your hair in that messy “pinapple” of a bun hair style, reconsider doing a messy, infinite braid instead.



2. Go Big or Go Home at Schiaparelli:

Instead of putting up with the life long battle humidity versus your hair, wear it big and beautiful. This look not only proudly proclaims “I woke up like this”, but it also gives naturally curly-haired girls everywhere another way to flaunt their tresses. Let your hair be your statement piece this spring/summer!

  Schiaparelli_Couture_Beauty_Hair Schiaparelli_Couture_Beauty_Hair_Style

3. Subtle Waves at Elie Saab:

The early morning struggles of attempting to create the perfect curls in the morning is a battle many of us know all to well. Instead of losing your patience (and possibly even some hair a long the way). Turn off the curling iron and try to create your very own s pin curls, for naturally soft wavy hair. This look is seamless, classical, and totally feminine. You also won’t damage your hair by using excessive heat. So ditch the curls and go wavy!

A struggle we all know too well is using your curling iron in the morning , creating the perfect curls, but when you reach your destination, your hair is completely straight and flat.


4. Loose and Ornamented Braids at Chanel:

There have been many renditions of the messy pony tail over the past few seasons and on the go women everywhere are always asking for more. Now besides being pressed for time you can also proudly proclaim , it’s Chanel. This look can be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes. Its chic and easy and can  be dazzled up with ornaments or fun headpieces.

  Chanel_Couture_Beauty_hair chanel_couture_ss15_beauty
5. Subtle Bouffant at Dior:

The detachable pony tail might be asking too much, but we absolutely love the Bouffant. Don’t be too alarmed-we’re not talking about the big, dramatic bouffant of the 1960s. This new age bouffant will automatically gives your hair a little volume and depth. It’s also easy and sleek and not too distracting if you work in a conservative setting.


All photos: Style.com

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