Rag & Bone presents one of the most unlikely campaign pairings as the brand releases its FW15 campaign starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and ‘Lil’ Buck. The unlikely duo hand chosen by designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright offer a glimpse into the personality of the innovative brand and its concepts.

Neville and Wainwright are known for their easy , rock and roll silhouettes and always captivating intermingling of urban and classic. This latest collection stood firm on the brand’s philosophy. “Rag & Bone is about opposites,” said Marcus Wainwright.”It’s about contrast–street/tailoring, America/England, hard/soft, and all that. It wasn’t necessarily about dance, it was about movement in the clothes. It was a conversation about old school/new school.”

Set against a pulsating trance like soundtrack and a crisp white backdrop, Rag & Bone offers an undeniably cool collection brimming with active pieces and impeccable tailoring. Easy going denims and relaxed jerseys served as trousers while effortless basics hid beneath a head turning assortment of outerwear. This collection was all about movement as Baryshnikov and ‘Lil’ Buck lost themselves in the beat and found themselves perfectly at home in this latest collection.

by Lakenya Kelly


Watch the full campaign video on Dapifer TV!


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