The FW15 Menswear collections offered us a glimpse at the early 1970s androgynous feminist. All around us we saw designs that were equal parts retro-inspired minimalistic, earthy, and feminine. A few collections stood out amongst the crowd as we delved a bit deeper into exactly what the faccionable of FW15 will be wearing.

by Suliya Gisele


Acne Studios’ presentation elaborated on the theme that has caught on like wildfire: Girl power! The phrases “Woman Power” and “Gender Equality” were knitted into the scarves, and the styling of the presentation was very androgynous.


 Comme des Garçons’ interpretation was undoubtedly feminized masculinity; as models marched down the runway in blazers and flowy shorts that resembled skirts and dresses with their chests bursting out of tightly fitted shirts and cardigans.


Louis Vuitton subsequently responded with the use loose silhouettes, and androgynous styling. Accessories stole the show as models took the runway outfitted in an assortment of classic Louis Vuitton totes, backpacks, and almost any other bag that you could imagine.



Presentations such as Loewe and Lanvin stuck very true to a 1970s motif; Loewe particularly so, in a traditional sense. From the checkered suits, oversized coats, boxy silhouettes and earth tone and pastel palettes, Loewe’s presentation takes us way back to the era of individuality, freedom, and palazzo pants. Lanvin’s presentation suggests that uniformity is the new social norm, instead of individuality, each piece had a uniform demeanor.


 Calvin Klein juxtaposed Loewe’s interpretation, as gray tones dominated the runway. The design house utilized gray tones as the primary palette.


Marni’s featured bell bottoms trousers, oversized coats, and checkered & plaid suiting, with the utilization of a dark, rich shade of blue as the primary color of the collection.

The underlying tones of feminism spoke volumes in Paris this season. We all looked on and witnessed the beauty of 1970s silhouettes, thought provoking color schemes, and androgynous styling dating to a time period where the feminist movement was influential- and I must say, we’re happy to reignite the conversation.

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