Carol Fung is one of those rare designers, who simply gets it. With her rising brand, PRAE, Fung is redefining the modern silhouette. From perfectly styled active wear separates to even more impeccable tee dresses, she knows the woman she is draping. In the same school of aesthetics as hard hitting, game changers Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, the PRAE woman has mastered the art of effortless chic.

We sit down to speak with Fung about these influences as she shares her ideas on design, style, inspiration, and the secrets of the PRAE woman.

Describe your brand in 5 words: Relaxed, cool, pretty, sporty, fun. What influenced your latest collection? Oceans, beaches, sun and surf, as well as the vibrancy of city life  — these are core influences for the brand. It’s important that the PRAE girl/woman feel relaxed in the clothes and at the same time, sleek enough for the streets. Who do you envision wearing your designs? Who is the PRAE girl? The PRAE customer lives in the city but is a beach girl at heart. There is something about the sense of freedom you experience when you are swimming in the wide expanse of the ocean, or when you are connected to nature — it’s this sensibility that stays with the PRAE girl, even if she lives in a city like New York, Hong Kong or Paris. When she wears PRAE, she should feel comfortable, like she could have just come back from a swim in the ocean (that “après-surf vibe”) no matter where she lives in the world. She is thoughtful about how she wants to live and her impact in the everyday.  
Interview by: Lakenya Kelly Photographer: Jon Gordon Art Director: Francis Vazquez Fashion Editor: Morgan Cruz Make up: Rie Hirabayashi Hair: Keila Sone

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