Elusive eyewear designers and all around NYC ‘it girls’, CoCo & Breezy Dotson have made a name for themselves that stretches far beyond their firm footing in the international fashion world.  Besides sharing a birthday and an impeccable sense of style, the sisters have managed to create a following  endorsed by the likes of Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, and Kelly Osborne,while still clinging tightly to their unapologetically personal mantra on life and design.
THE DAPIFER:  Where did it all begin for you? It all began inMinnesota, in the suburbs of Minneapolis. It wasn’t a very fashion forward environment and there weren’t  many resources.  I think this really helped us with our creativity and pushed us to be always be innovative.

What did you dream of, when you thought about the future?

We always knew we wanted to be business owners. Beginning at a very young age, we always knew that we would be entrepreneurs.

When we were freshman in High School we knew we wanted to finish school quickly so we talked to counselor to find ways that we could graduate early. 9th grade-11th grade we doubled up on classes. By junior year we were already over credits. By the time we were seniors, we only had to go to school for three months

 Who did you look up to most during this time ?

Mostly our parents. As far as idols we had each other-We idolized each other. Our parents supported us as people. They let us be creators, individuals- whatever we wanted to be- it was possible.

 How did you come to be known as CoCo & Breezy?

Our parents have called us that since  were babies. It’s a family nickname. No one really has ever called us by our actual names. Our mother is Puerto Rican, and in spanish CoCo & Breezy would translate to mean, “When In Love” .

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 What was the turning point- that made you say – “Hey we’re going to do this?”

Being in MN we never felt comfortable, so we always knew we had to get out. When we were 19 we took a 2 week trip to NYC. That trip turned our life around. We knew more than ever that this was the place for us. We felt comfortable here- And then we said, “Let ‘s go home and quit everything” And that’s exactly what we did. We went home- quit all of our jobs, sold our car, sold clothes, and moved to New York.

 That sounds like a dramatic change. Was the move difficult?

We had no money really, less than $500 together. Everyone at home said it was impossible- that we should stay in Minnesota and go to school. But we had a mindset that you couldn’t tell us anything- that we were going to do it. It was a journey. The first day- we didn’t know where we were going to stay. We eventually saved up enough to rent a room. It was a box! It was a real sacrifice.

 You girls are all around creative individuals. What inspires you particularly about eyewear?

Our love of eye wear started as… it was an insecurity thing. A lot of people stared at us and made fun of us back home. We would always wear sunglasses- because sunglasses made us feel like we were on top of the world. Our teachers even let us wear them because they knew we were different.

 When did you start designing eyewear?

I remember being in my mom’s living room (that’s where we designed our first pair of sunglasses) It all started with embellishing safety goggles until we made that a trend. We’ve always had a hustler mentality. Since 16 years old, we’ve both had 3 jobs each.

 Do you ever plan on expanding outside of our signature eyewear, if so what do you think that would mean?

We due plan on expanding. We really want to stay in eye wear. Eventually we’ll get into optical.


The brand has gotten a tremendous amount of support from consumers and celebrities. What’s the biggest client or press that you’ve gotten so far?

 The first month that we started. Ashanti and Kelly Osborne wore our sunglasses. We were new and we already had celebrities wear our products.

If you could put anyone into a pair of CoCo & Breezy’s who would it be?

 Mary Kate and Ashley! We love them, and admire them. They’re business women and doing big things in Fashion.

 When do you feel most inspired?

 When we walk into a room- blasting music- vibing out.

 Any favorite artist?

 Toki Monsta and Lapalux-on repeat

 You two are always seen out together and never really photographed alone. Is this an illusion, or are you really always side by side?

We’re pretty inseparable.


You’re known for your fresh, edgy street style. What’s your fashion philosophy?

 We’re always on the go- We put on whatever is easiest to put on. Black, leather- we really don’t think to hard about our outfits.

We’re inspired by punk and chic. Don’t care what people think. Wear whatever is comfortable.

Who are your favorite designers?

 We’re not really into BIG designers. We like to support.

 If you could change one thing in the world what would that be?

 For everyone to be open minded and happy to be themselves.

 What does beauty mean to you?

 To be your own individual inside and out.

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