Billboard Music Awards 2016 – Best Dressed Red Carpet Looks

The Billboard Music Awards 2016: The Best Dressed Celebs Hit the Las Vegas Strip and Red Carpet for the Annual Music Event.

There’s something surreal about Las Vegas. Perhaps it’s the overload of stimuli from the millions of lcd lights, the “cha-ching” of slot machines or the surprisingly elegant architecture from attractions like the Bellagio, when you’re in Vegas you know that something amazing (and perhaps a little weird) is about to ensue. Now throw in a room full of the most successful musicians of the moment, a red carpet, and a few shiny awards and we have the Billboard Music Awards, the 2016 edition.

With the lightened mood of summer in the air, celebs like Rihanna, Ciara, KeKe Palmer, Kelly Rowland, Lucy Hale, and Nick Jonas hit the red carpet of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards with two things on their mind: taking home the gold and making a statement. While some faulted, where others succeeded, the night presented some sensational style moments that rivals even the best Showgirls of them all (that’s the point, right?).

Scroll through the images below to see the best dressed stars of The Billboard Music Awards 2016 and cast your votes in the comments and likes section below! 2016 Billboard Music Awards Best Dressed Red Carpet - The Dapifer

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