Beyonce Grammys Performance was Basically a Religious Experience

Beyonce Grammys Performance 2017: Pregnant Beyonce Owns the Night with Grammy Performance.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotion for Beyonce fans everywhere. Just last week, Queen Bey announced that she was pregnant. Soon after, we learned that she meant twins. Fast forward one week later and where is Beyonce Knowles? Performing at the 2017 Grammy’s of course. Well, while she’s not busy snatching up awards for herself throughout the night. With anticipations high and the media in a frenzy Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter unleashes the latest Beyonce Grammys Performance. It just may be her best yet. Beyonce Grammys Performance 2017-The Dapifer The lights dim and on the screen plays clips of Beyonce and her family styled in ethereal gowns and crowns. It was almost as if we were beginning another of Mrs. Carter’s visual albums. Then, rising slowly on a platform from below the stage, Beyonce appears dazzling as the light reflects off her gold dress. On her head is a golden, celestial crown. She looks like a Goddess- and she knows it. Owning the night, Beyonce travels through a discography of Lemonade. Showing her newly announced baby bump, Bey dances through the night singing melodies “Love Draught” and “Sand Castles”. Beyonce Grammys Performance 2017-The Dapifer Beyonce’s Grammys Performance was filled with dreamy visuals. Take for examples the scene where the artist stands draped in sheer fabric as the wind blows to and fro. Raising her hands, she suddenly becomes a deity. The celestial theme continues throughout the performance with stunts including Beyonce leaning back in her chair, almost touching the ground, as dancers bow before her feet. Like many of Beyonce’s past Grammy performances, this one is personal. A performer, a goddess, a mother, she showed us it all. Want to see more from the Grammys? See more of Beyonce and  the 2017 Grammys night here. If you missed the performance, you can watch it now in the video below.

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