Bella Hadid Nude Again, This Time She’s Copying This Famous Model

Bella Hadid Nude for V Magazine, Copying this Famous Model’s Photos

We see Bella Hadid nude as she continues her reign as the “it girl” of the moment with a steamy story for V Magazine. Lensed by photographer Mario Sorrenti, 20 year-old Bella, channels another famous model, Kate Moss. Particularly, Sorrenti revisits his iconic 1993 Calvin Klein Obsessions campaign starring a nude Kate Moss. Ironically Moss actually recently went nude again covering the latest issue of W. We’ve seen plenty of Bella Hadid nude lately. In the past few months Bella posed nude in titles like Flare, Paper, and Vogue Italia. This time around, however, we see a darker editorial angle besides just Bella Hadid nude in a fashion magazine. Bella Hadid Nude V Magazine Mario Sorrenti Spring 2017-The Dapifer Being chosen to replicate a famous Kate Moss shoot is quite the accomplishment. Sorrenti shares that he wanted to reveal a new side of Bella with the concept. “Every time we shoot or see her, we always see her being very glamorous. The photographs always focus on the fashion and less on the girl, and I think she’s such a beautiful, sweet girl. I really felt like taking some pictures of her that kind of reveal a more sensitive and natural side of her,” he shares. The effect is a series of sensual, black and white photos. Styled in an assortment of simple black skirts, bras, and tops from name like Prada and Chloe, our attention becomes enveloped by the model. Flipping through the spread, a certain cinematic quality exists. We see Bella Hadid nude, in various stages of undress. For example, in one image we see Bella Hadid topless, only wearing a skirt. In another image, Sorrenti shows a close-up of Bella Hadid nude, with her arms partially cover her chest. Despite the occasion, 20 year-old Bella Hadid wasn’t exactly nervous to pose nude. “I feel so lucky to be able to work with someone who I look up to so much. He is such an incredible energy on and off set and so much fun to work with. I feel really grateful to have been able to work with Mario again for V Magazine. Thank you, Mario.” You can see more of Bella Hadid in the latest issue of V Magazine, Spring 2017 on newsstands now. Until then, you can get a peak at the photos below.

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